Losing Traffic? Speed Up Your Blog!

How Speed Affects Your Blog!

I realized something today that I think I have known for a long time. I am not a patient lady!

Do not get me wrong, I can definitely have patience for my little one most of the time but I have zero patience when it comes to waiting for such things as my website to load.

Turns out, I am not alone in this factor! If a website takes too long to load, well I am off clicking somewhere else. 

You know what this means? That you are losing hundreds of blog viewers and possibly subscribers each month because your blog is just getting too slow! Don't believe me about the impatience of people? Check out this infographic below! Honest...slow down and really read it.

Crazy, right?!?! 

I was honestly a bit freaked out that I was losing so many viewers. I was working so hard to get the viewers to my blog in the first place and then I could lose them so easily. Dang, slow loading pages.

Honestly, I couldn't blame the viewers, even though I kind of wanted to, since I was the same way. I am especially bad about waiting when I only have a couple minutes to scan a website before my toddler is deciding she would like my attention that very second. I am telling you all this, because I do not want you to have to freak out, stress out, and then waste precious time searching the whole internet for a way to speed up your blog. Time is very precious, especially when you want it to be productive. (I have a toddler, I totally get it!) So I got you covered! psst..I even got you a discount!

Wonder what I discovered? It is WP Engine, which I completely recommend if you want to up your blog speed and conversion rate! I will be totally honest that I am an affiliate, however that was only after I learned about all the benefits that this subscription has! For a few less coffee treats a month, you can optimize your blog and keep that traffic that you worked so hard for!

Optimize Your Blog!

WP Engine has different levels of hosting plans, so you can go from personal and continue to upgrade your blog to professional when the time comes! The personal hosting plan will cover up to 25K visitors a month, 10 GB of local storage, speed up your overall blog loading times, and even include free SSL certificates! Umm...pretty awesome right?

In the Spirit of Halloween and faster blogging speeds...I got you 30% off your first monthly payment with this coupon code

Beware the discount code does expire 10.31.2017!

Eeekk Coupon Clock!

The coupon clock is a bit intimidating I know, but I want you to feel a bit of urgency. I know that I did not want to keep waiting around and losing potential subscribers, especially with the holiday season coming up!


As your speed increases. More people stick around. As more people stick around then they click around. And the more clicks and interest the viewer has. Then that means more subscribers and more revenue! Who doesn't love that? 

RISK FREE for 60 Days!

WP Engine even has a RISK FREE Trial for 60 days!  This means that if you do not completely love it, do not stress because you have those 60 days to try it all out! Although I will pretty much promise you that you will not regret it.

It is worth the missed coffee treats..even the pumpkin spice flavored ones! 

Phew! So glad I was able to get this out to everyone before the coupon code expires!

So, please do take advantage of the coupon code!
Risk Free and Faster Hosting Speeds? So Worth it, right?!?

I think so, but honestly I am running off of cold coffee and leftover popcorn  so I can finish this post before my toddler wakes up again! So who knows! haha 

Good luck to you ladies! Please let me know if you end up loving your WP Engine hosting trial! psst..I bet you will!