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Hello My Lovely Friends!

This blog is all about surviving motherhood, while handling finances, and still staying motivated for the enjoyments of fitness and fashion! Seems like a feat and a half right? Do not worry, I am here to help you all along the way. We will conquer toddler tantrums, sandy toes, and runny noses. We shall balance checkbooks, pay off debt, and save money. Our bodies will become healthier and our energy level will rise. Our wardrobes will show our true style and still stay comfortable. This site was created to better your life in every way that it can, as well as give you some good old chuckles along the way.

I was always  searching for answers to so many problems all around the internet, checking and double checking. The second I begin to worry about a problem then I am instantly scouring the internet for that answer to make everything fall into place. What is the best quality toxic-free sippy cup?  How do I find a trustworthy budgeting app? Which online boutiques can I safely order clothes from? Where can I find affordable workout clothes? I can get a bit obsessive, but do not worry this all works in your favor. This now benefits everyone since this is the site that  enables individuals to get those answers from one trustworthy source. Find your answers, live your life, and please do not obsess…that is my job!

I want to share all my tips and tidbits on motherhood, money, and motivation with all of you.

I adore collaboration and community so please get involved!

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